Apex Engineering Services setting out services offer contractors a fast, virtually foolproof method for marking out the precise location of new features and structures.

Using a mix of robotic survey equipment and GPS technology, along with industry standard software and our own bespoke applications, Apex Engineering Services engineers transfer data directly from the design drawing to site – without further intervention. Our setting out processes thus eliminate many of steps in which errors typically occur.

Our expert team of setting out engineers can work with:

  • foundations
  • pile positions, pile caps, contiguous walls
  • building locations
  • roads, highways, haul roads
  • levels, datums & height transfer
  • drainage systems
  • steel positions, bolt holes
  • concrete shutter lines, slab extents
  • glazing positions, shoes, mullion and transom lines
Features and Benefits

  • computation of pile and other coordinates on site is no longer necessary
  • paper drawings are not needed
  • data entry into instruments or calculators on site is unnecessary
  • the use of robotic instruments eliminates manual errors