3D High Definition Laser Scanning is used as a precise survey instrument to make very accurate measurements in complicated environments.

Apex Engineering Services pioneering use of 3D high definition laser scanners. Our long-term use of laser scanner technology has proven time and time again, over a wide range of different projects and applications, to reduce on-site and drawing times by as much as 75%.

Our 3D laser scanning instruments are the latest available and can collect millions of measurements in 3D called point cloud. As a result we get high accurate 3D digital presentation of surveyed subject which is delivered expeditiously and with no errors. We employ leading edge point cloud publishing software to deliver the full value of dense point cloud data to our clients. Once all the scan data has been published to our web server, Apex Engineering Services clients can use the free-of-charge TruView module to view/measure those point clouds online, visualising and familiarising themselves with the surveyed site from the comfort of their own office desk. That means significant savings in travel time, financial costs and site disruptions.

Features and Benefits

  • acquiring and visualizing entire 3D environments
  • very accurate information, points accurate +/- 3mm
  • it offers an extremely versatile range of final deliverables for our clients
  • makes all process on site easy with virtual site visits using TruView